Apr 10

Git tab completion rocks

While working on a project in an Ubuntu 9.10 VM I was checking out a branch and accidentally tabbed twice. To my pleasant surprise all of my branches were listed. I quickly googled and found that this functionality has been available all along! It turns out the Ubuntu deb provides this functionality via git-completion.

In any event, if you haven’t enabled this, you should do it now. It’s increased my productivity by at least elevendy percent.

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Mar 10

MacPorts: No installed ports are outdated.

I wanted a newer version of Git because there was a new feature that I wanted to use. Since I use MacPorts (FreeBSD-like package manager) to manage most of my command line apps I quickly opened a terminal and ran sudo port outdated which returned a “No installed ports are outdated.” message. I remembered that there was an alternative package manager called Fink (Debian-like package manager) so I opened their site and checked to see that their version of Git was (my current with MacPorts was

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